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Gymnastics offers some unique qualities that can have a healthy impact on your child, as it is the only sport that works total body strength, flexibility and aerobic development. Further, the development of self-esteem and the joys of self-expression through body movement are enhanced by gymnastics. Early participation enables children to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle for a lifetime.

Classes are offered to boys and girls school age 5 years and up.  Classes are designed to develop coordination, strength, flexibility and agility through motor activities and progressive gymnastics skills. They are conducted using a structured format, which allots time for a short warm-up and rotations to a wide variety of non-competitive (benches, boxes, wall bars, mats etc.) and competitive gymnastics apparatus modified for children.

Recreational gymnastics classes at Fundy are divided by both age and ability. Typically individuals enter at the beginner level, but due to our individualized progress evaluation they can advance through our levels at the pace most appropriate for them.  Classes are small in size, with a minimum of 5 gymnasts to a maximum of 8 gymnasts per coach, ensuring each athlete gets the attention they need to progress as they work through Canada’s National Skill Development Program: CANGYM.

Class Levels:

The CANGYM program consists of eleven badges. These badges are divided up over the three class levels offered at Fundy.

BEGINNER: Badges 1 (burgundy), 2 (red), 3 (tan,) and 4 (bronze)

INTERMEDIATE: Badges 5 (purple), 6 (blue,) badges 7 (turquoise) and 8 (silver)

ADVANCED: Badges 9 (orange), 10 (yellow), and 11 (green)

Children develop the movement patterns that must be mastered to successfully perform all future gymnastics skills, regardless of their level of complexity.  These levels are used as a tool for our coaches to monitor and evaluate progressions.  There is no set or normal speed at which children progress through each level. Some children may complete the required skills over one term while others may take several terms to complete a specific level.   Our main focus is to provide a program that allows any child to experience and enjoy the sport of gymnastics in a non-competitive environment.


Badges and Report Cards

Athletes work on skills specific to the badge level they are working on, as well as other badges within their class level over the Session.  Badges typically take longer to complete in the higher levels.  In order to successfully pass a Badge Level, 20 Key Skills must be achieved at each level.  The final badge in a level is also typically more difficult to achieve (i.e. badge 4, Bronze).  Badges are usually passed out with the Report Cards.

Each child will receive a written Report Card at the end of each session.  The Report Card is given to each child at the end of his/her last class.  Each Report Card rates the progress of each child in the following manner: Learning (L) or Mastered (√).


“Learning (L)” means that the child is able to perform the skill with reasonable ease and without a spot, while having to yet perfect some aspects of the skill.

“Mastered (√)” means that she/he has kicked it up a notch and that she/he excels at the performance of the same skill….she/he can combine it with others and has passed the stage of simply doing the skill. Elements of form are more obvious (completely straight legs for example).

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